Running TripleO Quickstart in Docker

TripleO Quickstart is a set of Ansible scripts that will configure a remote host with several virtual machines and install OpenStack TripleO on the nodes. This allows full testing of automated OpenStack deployment inside a virtual baremetal environment using limited hardware. The one downside of TripleO Quickstart for many developers, is that the scripts only… Read More

Enabling Plugins on Linux Firefox 52

Firefox 52 disables plugins such as Java, or the Spice-XPI plugin, and others with the exception of Adobe Flash. I actually would have preferred if they disabled Flash and left the rest of us able to use our plugins, but I’m sure there was a good security reason behind disabling most NPAPI plugins. If you… Read More

OpenStack Summit Barcelona: My Recap

I just returned home from Barcelona, where I attended the OpenStack Design Summit for Ocata, the next release of OpenStack. It was a good trip, I think I ate more excellent food in one week than ever before. The weather cooperated, providing opportunities for sitting on the beach with a Cerveza in hand, talking with… Read More