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Tweets in Space – Artist Beams Tweets to Alien Planet

Performance artist Scott Kildall is planning on sending Tweets (maybe yours!) to a nearby exoplanet 20 light years away, thereby finally allowing whatever alien lifeforms might possibly live there to finally lead fulfilling lives. You see, one of Twitter’s Core Values is to “Reach Every Person on the Planet.” of course, Kildall has teen this… Read More

Ice Cream Heaven

My fantastic friend Meg from San Francisco (OK, full disclosure, I actually have two friends named Meg, and they’re BOTH fantastic) recently quit her job and bought a soft-serve ice cream truck with her best friend Siri. They worked incredibly hard to bring the truck up to modern and mostly-working condition, and they’ve recently begun… Read More

Artist of Light: Leo Villareal

As you can see by my photography section, I’m a big fan of creating art with light. Leo Villareal has been creating amazing light installations since he created his first light art as an installation at Burning Man. His work has evolved, and is truly creative and cutting edge. Villareal combines innovative light fixtures with… Read More

Graphic Sociology

I happened across a blog that is so great that I have to give it a post. It’s called Graphic Sociology, and it is an ongoing review column that is part of The Sociology Pages, which is an online project from the Department of Sociology at the University of Minnesota. The idea is simple yet… Read More