Enabling Plugins on Linux Firefox 52

Firefox 52 disables plugins such as Java, or the Spice-XPI plugin, and others with the exception of Adobe Flash. I actually would have preferred if they disabled Flash and left the rest of us able to use our plugins, but I’m sure there was a good security reason behind disabling most NPAPI plugins.

If you still need to run a remote console in your browser using Java or Spice, fear not, you can enable the plugins again with a hidden setting:

  1. In the URL bar, enter “about:config” to open the advanced settings (you will get a warning about this being dangerous your first time doing this).
  2. Right-click on the list of options, and select “New–>Boolean”.
  3. Name the new setting “plugin.load_flash_only” and make the setting “false”.
  4. Enjoy!