Getting Some Exercise

Want to do some interesting partner sports? I’m looking for workout buddies.

I like exercise, but I am getting really sick of the same routine: bike to gym, cardio, the same weight machines and dumbbells. I might start bringing one of my bikes to work and riding around the beautiful trails in the area after work.¬†What I’d really like is to find some people to do some fun exercise with.

I like to do cross-country mountain biking, and although I’m not in peak shape this year, I can hold my own. I’d be willing to show the ropes to anyone who has a bike but doesn’t yet know how to traverse moderate terrain, or I’d be willing to get my butt kicked by some dirt bikers who are faster than me. I’m also up for urban biking adventures, and I have a single-speed hybrid bike that can make a workout out of flat terrain or riding around Golden Gate Park.

I’m also looking for climbing partners for indoor climbing. It’s super fun, and much easier than it looks. Since the belay partner is on the ground holding the rope for the climber, people of vastly different abilities and fitness can work out together easily. I’m a relative beginner, but I like to challenge myself and I love how it works out muscles that you didn’t know you had.

I also like hiking, but my knees and ankles have been acting up this year, so I’m relegating myself to the well groomed trails. No trail running or jumping from rock to rock for me until I get my legs nice and strong again (maybe by Spring).

Even the gym is more fun with a partner. I’ve got a Gold’s membership, and I think I can take guests to the Stanford and San Francisco State gyms.

Get in touch with me if you want to work out with a non-judgemental, fun partner who doesn’t get agro or push people too hard. C’mon, it’ll be fun.

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