Learning Guitar, Day 1

When I was traveling in Peru several years back, I bought myself a hand-built guitar from a reputable guitar maker in Lima. I took it home, put the case in the corner of my living room, and left it there. When I finally went to pick it up a few months ago, I found that one of the strings had unwound itself, so I put it back in the corner of my living room and left it there again.

Finally this weekend I picked up a nice new set of nylon strings, and yesterday I started to practice. I put in about two hours, and it turns out that the muscles needed to play chords on guitar are not exactly the same as the ones used for banjo. More extension and the strings are further apart. After an hour my hand really hurt.

Fortunately, someone told me a lie years ago that banjo was easier than guitar, and I picked up banjo first. Guitar is going to be easy by comparison. This one sounds really nice, too. I’ll post some recordings up after I start to get the hang of it.

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