Sneak Preview

This site is clearly not ready for prime-time, but I’m going to open it up to friends for some feedback.

What areas would you, personally, suggest I focus on at first? Should I build up my photography pages? Maybe create a public/private distinction so my friends can share in password-protected photos and whatnot? More music (and better recordings)? Should I put some fiction or satire writing up? All of the above? Probably I’ll just ignore everyone’s advice and do whatever I feel like, but feel free to leave me comments telling me what to do.

What do you think of the theme? I modified a pre-packaged WordPress theme, but I don’t want it to look like a typical WordPress site, and I think it may be a little hard to read. Probably the transparency, fonts, and colors need a little tweaking.

Also, let me know if the pictures are slow to load. They are coming from Flickr, so I might find a way to host them locally if that turns out to be true. Next step: larger lightbox previews.

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